Solar Panels

Heating your pool with solar panels can be one of the most cost-effective means of reducing energy consumption and saving you money.Solar systems may have an initial cost higher of your typical pool heater, but they return the cost in a few years. There is little maintance to keep them running they just keep your pool heated safely and quietly year after year. Solar systems use your existing pool pump to circulate the water through the solar collectors and back to your pool. Call us today and start conserving our natural resources and keep some money in your pocket as well.

Pool Pumps

Upgrade your equipment with Eco friendly pumps and heaters and save.More energy efficient pumps can provide a typical “base energy savings” of 30% and up to 90%. Generally saving up to $1,500 in utility cost annually and more where rates are higher like Santa Clara city, Dammeron Valley, and Diamond Valley. Call today for more info

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