Action Pool Service is dedicated in providing the best pool maintenance and repair services in the Southern Utah area. Our pool technicians will address all of your pool repair and maintance issues including the following. If you have another issue or a question please call us anytime 435 256 6220

Monthly Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Pool Cleaning

Traditional swimming pool cleaning preformed weekly or bi monthly. Pool cleaning includes removing all debris from the bottom of the pool and spa through brushing , vacuuming, and netting. Basket cleaning, chemical checks, and inspection of pool equipment for proper working conditions are also included.

Pool Acid Wash

Green pool

An acid wash or drain and clean. Put simply, we strip a thin layer of plaster off of the wall of your pool to expose a fresh layer below giving your pool that "brand new" look. For those especially dirty pools, or if you have algae growing on the surface overnight, you may need an acid wash. Typically this develops when winterizing isnt done properly or the pool has been stagnant for an extended period of time. A careful acid wash done by one of our professionals will bring back your pool to its former glory.

Pool Leak detection

Think you have a leak? Call Action Pool service and we will send out one of our expert technicians to find it. Through dye test or pressure testing we can find and repair that leak in your pool. Finding and repairing a leak fast is key to saving you thousands in repairs later.

Filter Cleaning

Dirty Pool Filter

Cleaning debris and dirt from your filters will imrove the life of your pumps as well as help keeping your pool clean. We recommend cleaning your filters every three months.

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